Working to tackle socio-economic inequalities in LGBTI communities

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written by Laura Piazza , ILGA-Europe

In 2020 ILGA-Europe launched its ‘No One Left Behind (NOLB)’ programme to support the LGBTI movement’s capacity to address socio-economic inequalities, especially during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The objective of the programme has been to enable LGBTI groups and organisations to develop longer-term responses to underlying causes of social and economic inequalities which increase the vulnerability and marginalisation of LGBTI people, especially in times of crisis.

ILGA-Europe re-granted around 400,000 EUR to 26 LGBTI organisations in Europe and Central Asia, including groups focusing on women’s rights, sex workers, trans rights, HIV, migrant and refugee rights.

The programme included a learning component which also contributed to harvesting learning from the projects. Seven online peer exchange meetings were held during the program, the thematics of which were based on a needs assessment.

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