Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines

We have developed The Hub to create a safe space for LGBTI activists and allies in Europe & Central Asia to access resources that can inform your work. Through this Hub you can contribute to building a catalogue of case studies and you can get in touch with other contributors if you want to find out more about their work. We can only keep this Hub safe if we all contribute our part in doing so. The purpose of this document is to explain the rules of engagement on The Hub.

By creating an account and using the platform, you agree to adhere to these rules.

Please read this document carefully before finalising your subscription! 

Contacting other members and IE

You may contact ILGA Europe through the contact form to ask information, send in your suggestions for new content, send in your case studies, complain about the behavior of other users if they do not comply with these Community Guidelines, suggest an improvement on a guide, send in feedback about the platform, etc. Hearing from you will help us making this Hub a success! 

You may also contact other members of the platform to ask follow-up questions on their case studies, ask for advice, etc. We hope that the Hub contributes to networking that supports your work!

For both, please keep the following Hub Guiding Principles in mind (the “Hub Guiding Principles”):

  • Only contact people with questions that relate to the content of this Hub 
  • Do not send mass emails to several users
  • Please be respectful in your communication. 
  • Intimidation, stalking, doxing, harassing are strictly forbidden
  • Any offensive verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, sex characteristics, disability, race and ethnicity, physical appearance, religion, or other characteristics are forbidden.
  • Do not share the information from private conversations with third parties.
  • Be mindful of the privacy and rights of others, and do not include in your content personal data of third parties without making sure in advance that you are allowed to do so.
  • Do not post any content that constitutes an infringement of the intellectual property rights of others.

ILGA-Europe cannot moderate conversations taking place outside of the platform. However, if we receive complaints about misconduct of the platform’s member, we reserve the right to take actions against that account.

Rules regarding content

By submitting any content on The Hub (case studies, or input to cards or otherwise):

  • you state that you are authorised to submit the content for publication, and that it does not violate the rights of others (intellectual property rights, the right to privacy and to the protection of personal data, etc.); 
  • you state that the content complies with the Hub Community Guidelines;
  • you grant ILGA-Europe the right to make it available to the general public (if it is not marked as sensitive) or to Hub members (if it is marked as sensitive), under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. This licence means that we can share and adapt content, but cannot use it for commercial purposes. 
  • you recognise that personal attribution (under the aforementioned license) is not required for any copies made available outside of The Hub in accordance with the Community Guidelines – instead, you authorise ILGA-Europe to be quoted as the source, without this creating any liability for ILGA-Europe if the content turns out to infringe on the rights of others;
  • you authorise ILGA-Europe to adapt the content and its classification (as sensitive or non-sensitive) at its sole discretion.

If we become aware (or are made aware) of any content (e.g. cards, messages etc.) that does not comply with the above rules or the remainder of these Community Guidelines, we reserve the right to adapt this content, make it inaccessible or remove it entirely, at our own discretion. Where possible we will seek to inform authors about changes made. 

If you wish to report any content that is in breach of the above rules or the remainder of these Community Guidelines, please contact

Sharing info outside the platform

Our cards can be downloaded, shared, and built upon by anyone, subject to the terms of the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license. A consequence is that you must always give credit to ILGA-Europe for authorship and we ask you to link back directly to the guide itself where possible. Commercial use of our content however is not allowed. Please mind that our guides get updated from time to time so the offline version might not be up-to-date. 

If you want to use case studies in your work, i.e. by integrating them in a publication, then please credit the author as well.  

An important exception is that all cards that are marked as sensitive cannot be shared with people who do not have access to The Hub.  Some cards contain sensitive information and are not shareable. It is considered a serious breach of these rules to share any of the information in these sensitive guides with anyone outside The Hub.

Disallowed use

We disallow automatic browsing of The Hub. Bots, scripts (eg. scraping) are not allowed.

Accounts and verification

Anyone who agrees to these rules can create an account and access most of the guides. However, to gain access to sensitive content, you will need to be verified first.

We take security seriously. Some of our content provides in-depth insights into strategies and tactics. For some activists among us, sharing their experience comes with risks. Such content needs to be protected from prying eyes and is considered sensitive. To open your access to it, we ask you to go through a verification of your account.

Verification process is manual. Every verification request is assessed by ILGA-Europe.

To request verification of your account, you will need to provide the name of reference and the member organisation of that reference. A reference is a person that knows you personally and will vouch for you. References coming from a member organisation of ILGA-Europe are more likely to be accepted.

If we can confirm your identity with the reference you supplied and we deem you would benefit from the information marked “sensitive”, your account will be verified.

There are other ways to be verified. If you’re unable to provide a reference, reach out to us to discuss your registration.

Protecting your identity

To create an account, you do not need to provide your name as in your passport. For verification, however, you will need to provide more personal information (see above). ILGA-Europe will treat such data with care.

For more information on what data we collect and how we process it, please read our privacy policy.

What will happen when the Community Guidelines are breached? 

If you don’t comply with the Community Guidelines, your account might be suspended or deleted permanently. To sum-up, this may happen when:

  • You engage in breaches of these Community Guidelines, for instance by sharing inappropriate content, submitting content in breach of rights of others, harassment of other users, or sending out mass e-mails. 
  • You share any information from sensitive cards with third parties (outside of The Hub).
  • Your identity as a verified user cannot be verified or your account has been compromised and we therefore can no longer guarantee security for other users.

If you disagree with a decision taken to suspend or delete your account, then you can contact the Executive Director who might further investigate the case. 

We reserve the right to report any criminal or unduly activity going against the principles laid out in the Community Guidelines and the values of ILGA-Europe to appropriate third-parties.